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The much-requested feature will soon be available to all users.

After years of urging from users on the popular social network, Facebook will roll out its new “Dislike” button next week for text, photo and video posts. Soon, Facebookers can express their immediate dissatisfaction with a post as quickly as their enjoyment. According to social media specialist Andre Slater, this move is a game-changer.

“Any chance that a rival social website could rise and take over the market is now shot,” Slater said. “This is enough to keep users busy for at least the next year or so before they come up with something else cool.”

Slater maintains that it wasn’t that the company finally wised up in providing the feature — it was more that they were just waiting for the right time.

“It’s perfect right now,” Slater said, “In a time where so many people have negative feelings — are in direct disagreement with different social and political messages, this is just perfect.”

Rumors about the feature have been stirring for years, but most posts on the website promising the button have been fake or, even worse, have led to a virus. Facebook PR staffers have confirmed that this feature is indeed real, and coming to the site next week.

Like the new “Timeline” feature, users will have time to “opt in” to having the button as a choice on their profiles before it will ultimately be integrated regardless of preference. Some users, who presumably will be chosen at random, will also have the opportunity to test the button within the next few days.

“Just get ready,” Slater said. “You may not think it’s a big deal, but just watch and see. Giving users this kind of power is going to change the whole game. Yet another picture of your annoying cat? ‘Dislike.’ Don’t have my political opinion? ‘Dislike.’ You’ll see what I mean soon enough.”