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A zombie alligator cam back to life and attacked some alligator hunters in the Everglades.

It’s every Cajun alligator hunter’s worse nightmare — a dead 700-pound, 10-foot suddenly thrashing and chomping its way back to life as it’s being pulled aboard a tiny flat-bottom boat.

The zombie gator, captured in a new episode of the History Channel show Swamp People, is probably terrifying enough to haunt the dreams of regular people, too.

Even after the monster was shot in the head and dragged onto the boat, the two hunter made another startling discovery. The enormous gator — a mature alpha male — had one of its feet chewed off, apparently in a battle with another, bigger alligator.

Alligator hunters Liz Cavalier and Kristi Broussard were patrolling a swamp, when they found an enormous alligator floating in the water.

The way it was laying, the two experienced hunters thought the beat had died.

They were in the process of pulling it aboard when it suddenly all went wrong.

The gator began to move, seeming to shake itself awake.

Then it started to thrash its massive tail.

“Liz he’s gonna jump in the damn boat!” Miss Broussard shouts.

As they struggle to keep the alligator from tearing them apart, Miss Cavalier grabs her .22-caliber rifle.


She fires one shot, hitting the gator in the head and killing it.

As they drag the beast on the boat — now dead for real — they kill discover one of its legs is nothing but a meaty stump.

“He’s ripped his whole damn leg off,” Miss Broussard says.

The pair have seen younger, smaller alligators with chomped-off limbs — but never one this big.

“I knew right away, a bigger one came and got this one,’ she said.

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