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WINDER, GA –  The Invisible Man called 911 by mistake last week.

The 28-year-old Invisible Man, Thomas Dachille, called 911 on Feb. 17.  He told the operators that he was invisible and he needed emergency assistance.

Paramedics with Barrow County Emergency Services  and a deputy with the Barrow County Sherriff’s Office responded to Dachille’s residence.

According to an incident report, when the deputy arrived at the location, it took them over two hours to find the Invisible Man, because he had fallen asleep in the basement.  Luckily, the Invisible Man started snoring and the Sheriff could identify his location (apparently the Invisible Man sleeps in the nude).

The Invisible Man told the deputy that he needed to go to the hospital “because I can’t find myself.”

Barrow County authorities have long known of the existence of the Invisible Man and the deputy explained to Dachille in a calm and soothing manner that Dachille couldn’t “find himself” because he was invisible.   The deputy quickly learned that the Invisible Man had fallen, hit his head, and temporarily forgotten who he was and that he was invisible.

“Once we explained to him that he was invisible and that unless he wore clothes, nobody was going to see him, and he would not be able to see himself.”

The deputy helped the Invisible Man get dressed, find himself  and take his medications – high blood pressure and shingles.

The Invisible Man is healthy again and back traveling across America – causing mayhem.