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The velocity of the solar system is fallen by more than 10 percent – every month!

Astronomers are alarmed. American, Polish and Swiss astronomers have been studying the phenomenon over the last year and have no explanation for this change in velocity.  And there is no perceivable change in the surrounding interstellar medium.

In the universe there is practically no fixed objects. As the stars and planets constantly revolve under the influence of external and internal processes, and solar systems, respectively, did not “stand still”.

The current opening is connected with the research heliosphere. So we call the area in which the solar wind moves with nonzero velocity. It extends as much as 16 billion miles from the Sun, where its boundary.Reaching this limit, the flow of charged particles of solar wind and magnetic field of light is so weakened that they no longer are able to overcome the pressure of the interstellar matter consisting of individual atoms and small dust particles moving at a speed of 30 kilometers per second relative to the sun. In  fact, the heliosphere is a giant gas bubble, inside which is the solar system.

Scientists using date from “Voyager 1” and “Voyager 2”, and computer models,  have obtained vital information about the slowing rate of our system. IBEX-Lo instrument measures the characteristics of interstellar helium atoms, capable, in contrast to the hydrogen and oxygen atoms interacting at the boundary of the heliosphere with protons freely penetrate into the “bubble”.

“By measuring the parameters of a gas consisting of atoms of interstellar helium, we can directly determine the direction and speed of movement of the sun in the surrounding interstellar medium,” said Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Space Research, Vladislav Izmodenov, a group which is involved in the analysis of data from IBEX.

For the first time such measurements were conducted in 1993 by GAS instrument on board the vehicle, “Ulysses.” Then it turned out that the motion of interstellar helium is directed to a point where the ecliptic coordinates were 75.2 degrees north latitude and 5.2 degrees west longitude, and speed the flow of particles, ie, the speed solar system itself, is equal to 26.3 kilometers per second.   However, the IBEX has received new information according to which the motion vector of the solar system has shifted to four degrees north and longitude is almost unchanged.T he new coordinates were 79.2 degrees north latitude and 5.1 degrees west longitude. At the same time, the flow velocity of the particles decreased significantly (each month) and amount to 22.8 kilometers per second.

“What is the reason this slowing motion of the Sun in the interstellar medium?  We have no idea,”  says a Russian astronomer. Izmodenov.   They have conclued that oure interstellar medium has become unstable and there are major irregularities in the interstellar magnetic field.

What does this mean for Earth and humans on Earth?

“If this continues, the Earth will essentially “freeze” in time and space and… all matter will cease to exist,” said a top NASA scientists.  “Basically, all life on earth will die and the earth itself will be destroyed.”

Maybe the Mayans were right…