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COLOGNE, Germany – This may be the most important find since the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Researchers have at last completed their translation of the so-called “Bethlehem Prophecies “a remarkable message said to have been written by the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus at his birth.

The 2,000-year-old document contains a dozen specific warnings, which are traditionally believed to have been delivered to the Wise Men by an angel in divinely inspired dreams.

“This is one of the most important documents in Christendom, as significant as the Dead Sea Scrolls,” sai Father Gaston Beytout, who has been working on the translation for seven years.

“Two of the prophesies it contains have already come true – including a warning about the Holocaust.  And it tells us of a host of events to take place between now and the year 2015.”

Here, translated into modern English, are the 12 Bethlehem Prophecies:

1.  After performing many miracles, the Messiah shall be betrayed by one who is close to Him and shall be put to death.  “This prophecy, of course, was fulfilled with the crucifixion of Jesus,” said Ft. Beytout.

2. The people of Israel shall be dispersed to the four corners of the world.  In a land to the north many will die at the hand of a cruel warrior.  And the number slain shall be six thousand times one hundred times ten. “This appears to foretell the Holocaust in which Hitler exterminated an estimated six million Jews,” said Fr. Beytout.

3. A group of stars in the shape of a sword shall appear in the heavens.  This will be a sign that a great war is about to begin.

4.  A second Flood, greater than the first, shall inundate the Earth. Even mighty Egypt and the deserts around her will come to lie beneath the sea.

5.  Men shall become as women and women shall become as men. “Experts do in fact warn that pollution is affecting hormone levels among both men and women,”  Fr. Beytout observed.  “The result could well be some kind of “unisex” version of the human race.”

6. Learned men will create an abomination.  This creature shall have the head of a man and the body of a sheep, and the cunning of a wolf.  It will breed more of its foul kind and they drink the blood of children.  “This may be a prediction about DNA research gone awry,” suggest Fr. Beytout.

7.  A false prophet will preach the blasphemy that the sun is to be worshipped as God.  Many shall desert the religion of their fathers and follow him.

8. Out of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) seven great plagues will emerge. One of these plagues will infect on e part of mankind in four, making them blind and causeing tehir eyes to bleed.

9.  A city in the most powerful nation of the earth, named for a pagan god, will be destroyed and covered with snow.  Said Fr. Beytout: “According to many experts the city of Juneau, Alaska – which soulds like the name of Roman goddess Juno – sits in the path of a potential avalanche.

10.  In the same nation a great hole shall open up and swallow the second Babylon.  “Many people see Hollywood as modern Babylon,” said Fr. Beytout. “This may be a warming of an impending sinkhole catastrophe.”

11. The number of sinners in Hell shall grow so great it will become overcrowded.  The dead shall then walk the Earth and take up arms against the living.

12. The Beast shall rise up and conquer all the land and the sea to the horizon and even the land and sea beyond the horizon, “said Fr. Beytout. “The Wise men are apparently warning us that the Ant-Chris will enslave mankind – everywhere in the world.