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SAN DIEGO – The Chulapa Monster was discovered on Mission Beach in San Diego.

The beast is about two feet in length.  It has and the body shape of a pig—kind of a fat stomach, middle area and the canines are ridiculously large – 8-10 inches.

Some thought at it first was some kind of Chupacabra that swims in water.

Its hind legs are longer than its front pair.  It appears to be mostly hairless and it scares young children.

The San Diego Chulapa Monster has been talked about by locals for the last few decades, though no one has ever really seen it – until now.  It was named the “Chulapa Monster” in jest by a local fisherman, but the monster is taken very seriously by local authorities.

“We’ve had over 30 deaths blamed on the Chulapa Monster over the years,” said Sgt. Monica Williams of the San Diego Police Department.

The Chulapa Monster corpse smelled like dead rotting flesh and flies filled its mouth as observers tried to get close to it.

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Photos by Josh Menard—a 19-year-old snowboard from Lake Tahoe.