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A Miley Cyrus sex tape is being shopped around Hollywood.

Miley has always been known to be a wild woman, so many people (inside and outside Hollywood) figured that there may be a leaked sex tape one day.

Insiders in the porn industry say that an anonymous person has been shopping a sex tape of Miley Cyrus  with an unamed man and woman and that “it’s pretty raunchy”.   The insider said that if Miley Cyrus were in the porn industry she might be up for an AVN award. The AVN Awards are being held January 21st in Las Vegas.

There have been rumors before about a Miley sex tape, but WWN can confirm the existence of the tape – and were shown a copy by an A-List celebrity.

The most shocking rumor is that Billy Ray Cyrus was in the room when the video was being shot – watching his daughter “perform.”

What happened to Hannah Montana??