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LOS ANGELES, CA – After revealing herself in the MTV documentary “Britney: For the Record”, Britney Spears turned to an old friend for support.

PhD Ape, psychiatrist to the stars, and long-time friend to the troubled singer, will travel to Los Angeles early this week to spend time with Spears.

MTV aired “For The Record” this past Sunday, an in-depth tell all program in which Britney tries to explain her many shenanigans over the past few year.  Spears, who has seen more negative headlines than number one singles, is looking for some positive media coverage as her latest album is slated to drop this week.

During the program, Spears gushes about her relationship with PhD Ape.

“Over the past several years, he has always been there for me.  When the press, the record companies, my hair dresser all abandoned me, you know who was still right by my side to wipe the tears and dust the hair clippings off my shoulder?  Not my deadbeat ex-husband or even the paparazzi.  It was PhD Ape.”

Spears repaid her debt by performing at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Sweden earlier this year, pictured above, where PhD Ape received the Award for Medicine.

“Britney is a wonderful young woman who is not always surrounded by people who have her best interest in mind,” PhD Ape told reporters.  “When a young, talented, beautiful girl acts as a money-tree for so many people, its only a matter of time before financial concerns are put ahead of personal concerns.”

“While I cannot speak for the quality of the record, I can speak for the quality of the artist.  She is a number one single and a gold record in my book any day of the week!”