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10,000 Mexican “undead”  walked through the streets of Mexico City looking for brains to eat.

At first they thought it was just Mexicans trying to have some fun, trying to break the Guinness World Record for the largest zombie gathering, but then something odd happened – REAL zombies showed up.

Last year, a group in Brisbane, Australia, set the record fot the most zombies at one gathering:  8,000.

So, Mexicans thought they could beat it.  9,000 Mexicans showed up dressed as Zombies, but were soon attacked by over 2,000 REAL zombies, that killed over 355 of the costumed zombies.

“That is the danger of such dress-up games,” said Mexico City Police Chief, Diego Marquez.  “Zombies are real and when the people dress up, it just aggravates the real zombies and we have the tragedy that unfold last weekend.  It is a very sad day for Mexico.”

Most of the people attacked were young men and women.   Typically a victim would be surrounded by four or five REAL zombies and then they would snap the neck of the victim and then eat the victim’s brains.  Two hours later the victim would join the other zombies and attack more people.

“It is not a game.  We have many zombies in Mexico City and we’ve done our best to contain them.  But now… it is out of control,” said Marquez.

Some cultural observers believe the phenomenon could be linked to the ongoing global economic crisis, or is perhaps a reaction to consumerist ideals.

Drug gangs also took advantage of the “Day of the Dead”  and went on shooting rampages throughout Mexico City.