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STATE COLLEGE, PA –  Coach Jerry Sandusky,  recently arrested for child rape, has changed his name to Jerry Toledo.

After a massive protest by citizens of Sandusky, Ohio – a city famous for being the home of Cedar Point Amusement Park –  Jerry Sandusky, the disgraced Penn State Football Coach and alleged child rapist – has bowed to pressure and changed his name to Jerry Toledo.

There is a massive protest planned for this weekend in Toledo, Ohio.  No word from Cleveland yet.

Jerry Sandusky, who was born “Gerald Pedophile”, changed his name to “Sandusky” so that no one at Penn State would figure out who he really was.  Jerry had been to Cedar Point with a number of young boys he was tutoring in back rubs and thigh massages.  He liked Sandusky, so he changed his name.

But no more… Now he is Jerry Toledo.

While waiting to be put in jail and gang-raped by his fellow inmates, Jerry Toledo has decided to open a petting zoo and is applying for a job as a Cub Scout Leader.

 Joe Paterno, the Penn State Coach (and legend) was fired from his job after 47 years do to the scandal.  Sources close to the team say that Jerry Toledo wants to run onto the field with his team , “one last time”.   Many of the students think this is a good idea, because it will give them an opportunity to run on the field and let him know how they feel about him.

Feed him to the Lions.