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MUMBAI, INDIA – Eleven year old Pruthviraj Patil, the world famous Indian Wolf Boy, has taken the helm of the multi-million dollar company.

For the first time in its history, the Hair Club For Men has named a President that is not American.  “We are pleased to announce that Patil has agreed to take over the position,” retiring Hair Club President, Sy Sperling said in a written statement.  “I have been President and a client for nearly two decades.  I was nervous about stepping down, but with Patil taking the reigns, I know the Hair Club is in good, hairy hands.”

Patil, born with hypertrichosis, the wolf-man syndrome, began mysteriously losing his hair just after his 10th birthday.

“That’s when I joined the hair club for men.  Male pattern baldness is a genetic disorder that can be corrected by proper treatment,” Patil said through a translator.  “The Hair Club for men has been serving prematurely balding men for generations.  There really was no other option for me.”

Within a matter of months Patil saw increased hair growth and thickening especially on his face and rear-end.

“Areas like my lower back and calves had hair growth that I never had even before I started thinning.  The Hair Club for Men has really boosted my self-esteem and confidence.  People asked me why I would want to grow all the hair back, wouldn’t I want to look more normal.  They’re fools.  Ladies love a full body of hair.  And so do I!”  Patil said.

Reached for comment, Sperling told the Weekly World News, “It was very important for us, in searching for my successor, to find someone who not only has the capacity to run an international company, but also someone who appreciates our service and dedication to prematurely balding men.  I think it goes without saying that young Mr. Patil fits the bill perfectly.”