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WWE star Hornswoggle will be leading the Fighting Irish today as they take on the Demon Deacons.

Hornswoggle has never  been a college football fan – it’s too tame a sport for him.  But recently, he keeps getting associated with Notre Dame’s leprechaun and he’s looked into the team.  “They stink.  They need some nasty in them,” said the Little Bastard.

Hornswoggle will travel down to Wake Forest to watch the Fighting Irish take on the Demon Deacons.  He will be screaming at the team from the sidelines but Head Coach, Brian Kelly, has not ruled out putting Hornswoggle into the game.

“We need a player like that.  We need a guy who’s not afraid to hit people, who’s not afraid to sacrifice his body.   I wish I had 22 Hornswoggles.  THAT would be my ideal team.”

This is the type of play Kelly admires:

Hornswoggle, aka the Sexiest Midget in the World, has also caused quite a stir among the female Demon Deacons.  “We got a bevy deaconettes that want to see Hornswoggles moves up close and personal.  Wake Forest has already advised all female students to be prepared to “swoon” when they see him step on the football field.  There will be emergency technicians ready to tend to all fallen co-eds.

But, back on the field.  Hornswoggle  likes Manti T’e0, the Irish middle linebacker, out of Hawaii.  Hornswoggle thinks T’eo knows how to hit.. but the rest of the team, he’ s not so impressed.  “He wants to beat the cornbeef out of them.”

Hornswoggle would like to see a clean game between the Irish and the Demon Deacons – as long as the Irish pound the Deacons into the ground.  “If they don’t do it, he will.”

THAT you can bank on…  Go Irish, Go Hornswoggle!