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WASHINGTON, DC  – President Obama is forming a drum circle in the White House.  They will play ever day at sunset.

Drum circles have become a symbol of the Occupy movement and President Obama… loves them. He ordered his staff to form a drum circle and to play in the East Room of the White House every day at sundown.

“The President feels that drums, and drumming, are a symbol of freedom and the American spirit,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.   “It’s a way for people to express their frustration and anger in a productive, and rhythmic way.”

The First Lady also loves the idea and is already actively participating…

Reports are that the First Lady can really play the drums.   World-renowned drummer and comedian, Bill Cosby, also jammed at the White House, deciding to play the drum kit in the drum circle:

Sources inside the White House say that the President is a great dancer but is a bit “rhythmically challenged” when it comes to drum.  “His timing is all off, man.  He keeps throwing us off,” said Bodo Rainbow, a longtime DC drum circle participant.  “He can’t play for sh*t.”

The President has long wanted to play drums for his favorite group Earth, Wind and Fire and when the band played at the White House he asked them if he could sit in.  Their response was a polite, “hell, no.”

What does  the President hope to accomplish by having a White House Drum Circle?

“He wants to bring about world peace, feed the people and tax the rich,” said Vice President Joe Biden.  “If we don’t play drums at the White House, there will be women raped from coast to coast.  And murders will go through the roof.  We need to drum, we need to drum now.”

Vice President Biden will not be part of the White House.  The White House has not asked any Republicans to participate in the drum circle, but Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is said to be amazing on the congas.

Every night at sundown… the drums of Obama.