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Rumors are flying around the internet that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. What do you think?

The buzz started after photos and videos hit the Web that appeared to show her bulging mid-section to collapse as she sat down during the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD, suggesting she had a prosthetic stomach and that a surrogate was carrying her child.

The rumors are causing worldwide speculation as to whether Beyonce is pregnant – or not – and if she is NOT pregnant, then why on earth is she faking her pregnancy?

Here’s the shot from an interview that is causing all the stir:

Adding fuel to the fire, this shot was taken on the same day:

But her rep, Yvette Noel-Schure,  told WWN the fake-bump rumors are “stupid, ridiculous and false.”   But there are many sources close to Beyonce and Jay-Z that are saying it is true.  “She’s not pregnant, though she really wants to be pregnant,” said Lenina Darling, a friend of someone who knows a roadie for Beyonce.

The pop diva, 30, says she and Jay-Z are expecting their first child in February.

Here’s a report from Australia.