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SILICON VALLEY –  Sources say that users are leaving Facebook in record numbers and switching over to Google+

Google+ is so easy and powerful that people around the globe are signing up in large numbers every day.  It soon will overtake Facebook.  Could this mean the end of Facebook as we know it, even before Facebook officially ends on March 15, 2012 (according to anonymous sources at Facebook)?

Thousands of social networking users are switching every day from Facebook, and other social networking platforms, to Google+.

“It’s like comparing an iPhone to an old rotary phone,” said one tech geek in Redwood, California.  “Google+ is the best social networking platform ever invented.”

Why is it Google+ SO much better than Facebook?  Here’s some of the reasons users are giving:

1.  FACEBOOK IS ANNOYING.  Facebook keeps changing its format and adding all sorts of bells and whistles that users don’t really want or need. Google+ promises to be simple and… happy.

2.  GOOGLE+ PROTECTS YOUR PERSONAL DATA. Don’t worry about Google making a deal with the CIA or the FBI. And they won’t sell your pictures to Romanian advertising agencies. Google+ is your true friend.

3.  GOOGLE+ LINKS TO OTHER GOOGLE SERVICES. Google+ social networking tools into almost all of its existing online services from Search to Documents to Video (YouTube). Millions and millions of people use Google’s free services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc.), so why jump out of Google World to do you social networking?

4. GOOGLE+ FRIENDS ARE BETTER FRIENDS. Studies have shown that Google+ friends are the best friends you’ll ever want or need. Studies out of the University of Michigan and Oxford University confirm that people are “brighter”, “kinder” and “care about others” to a far greater degree on Google+.

5. GOOGLE+ IS MORE MOBILE. There’s a great Google+ app for your mobile device (Android or iPhone), so it’s a snap staying permanently connected. If you’re an Android user, you may find that getting content from your phone to your social platform is easier, cleaner more functional with the Google+ mobile app.

6. BETTER PHOTO TAGGING. Google+ tags people in photos like Facebook, but there’s a big difference in the way Google handles the privacy aspect of photo tagging.  Google has wisely decided to shy away from using software, which Facebook now uses to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to user albums.

7.  YOU LOOK BETTER IN GOOGLE+ PHOTOS – Not sure how they do this, but users of Google+ report that they “look better, healthier and happier” in photos they put up on Google+.  Just another miracle of Google.

8.  THE GOOGLE MOVIE WILL WIN MORE OSCARS THAN THE FACEBOOK MOVIE.  The Google movie, written by Greg D’Alessandro and reportedly directed by Peter Jackson will be much bigger than the David Fincher Facebook movie.  The buzz around Hollywood is that the movie will garner a record number of Oscars – and the film hasn’t even been cast yet!

9,  SERGEY BRIN, LARRY PAGE AND ERIC SCHMIDT ARE NICE PEOPLE.  Unlike the reportedly ego-driven Mark Zuckerberg,  the top management team of Google and Google+ are, according to multiple sources inside and outside Google, “nice, kind people who care about their employees, and the world.”

10.  YOU’LL BECOME A BETTER PERSON.   Many users have reported feeling more “grounded” and more “enlightened” by using Google+.  The Dalai Lama has even signed up and sources say he reports feeling a “glow” when on Google+

Also, the “cool kids” are all using Google+ now… so why aren’t you?