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BEIJING –   “Heaven,” the city’s  top nightclub, has released internal photos of their training sessions.

“Heaven” [or “Heavenly World”] is a type of nightclub, sauna, Karaoke club,  adult entertainment club that was investigated by Beijing police under suspicion of providing sexual services.  It was banned from operating and its closure sent shockwaves across China.

Recently, a set of photos featuring the “Heaven’s” staff training were exposed.   Some say these photos prove that Heaven was, in fact, a sex club – others say that it was just a club for athletic and limber girls, who liked to perform for others.

In the photos, female workers are shown in explicit acts and there was an exceptional amount of variety.

The “hostesses” of  Heaven came from all walks of life such as actresses, models, college students, graduate students, everything though each and every one of them are expensive.

After the training photographs were exposed, Chinese netizens immediately exclaimed, “no wonder the prices were so expensive, their training was so strict/professional.”

Many clubs in the United States are studying the photos – hoping that perhaps they can better train their “hostesses” to provide guests with great customer service.

And they’re gymnasts too!

What do you think?  Was Heaven a sex club or just a “Chinese Hooters”?


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