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BEIJING – Obama Fried Chicken is the hottest new franchise in China.

Obama is giving Colonel Sanders a run for his money.  He has partnered with some China’s businessmen to open Obama Fried Chicken all across China.

Hope and Chicken.

Hundreds of OFC restaurants are opening all  across China.  And the Chinese are lovin’ it!   There’s lines out the door of franchises in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

The logo for OFC shows the President dressed in the Colonel’s Saunders clothes.

The catchphrase for OFC is “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”:

Obama Fried Chicken was started as a response to the U.S. filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization about Chinese tariffs on American chicken exports.  Chinese and Americans were all surprised that Obama, the sitting President of the United States, decided to open these restaurants despite the  tariffs and despite how bad this all looks.

The tariffs affect an industry that employs about 300,000 people and range from 50 to 100 per cent, which means some Chinese importers paid as much as twice the price for American chicken.

The Chinese seem to now have an Obama-chicken obsession.

Earlier this year in Hong Kong, an Obama look alike was employed to advertize OFC.  And kids all across China are chanting – “Hope and Chicken. Hope and Chicken!”

There are, of course, New York versions that caused quite a stir.There is one in Harlem and one in Brooklyn.

Some people have complained the name plays into old racial stereotypes.  Sort of like this: