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HOLLYWOOD –  Sources close to Dancing With The Stars confirm… Chaz Bono is pregnant!

Dancing with the Stars contestant, Chaz Bono, 42, and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, are expecting a baby boy.  Sources inside DWTS say that Chaz Bono is “with baby.”

Many find it hard to believe because  Chaz Bono had gender reassignment surgery two years ago.  Well, apparently he didn’t have “everything” done and Chaz and his girlfriend felt that Chaz was built to handle a baby better.  “He still has child-bearing hips,” said one DWTS producer.

The grandmother-to-be, Cher, was ecstatic.  “I support Chaz a thousand percent in everything he does.  I thought it was a little crazy that she underwent the change, but that’s what he wanted and so be it.  But, now with a baby on it’s way… I’m thrilled.  But don’t ever call me grandma.”

Chaz told acquaintances that he has  already picked out a name for the son:  Sonny.

So, if you’re playing along at home – Sonny and Cher met, had a daughter Chastity, Sonny and Cher got divorced, Chastity announced she was a lesbian, then Sonny skied into a tree and died, Chastity announced that she wanted to get a sex change operation, she did so, he announced that she was no longer a lesbian, he got picked for Dancing With The Stars, and is now pregnant.  And a new Sonny Bono will be born!

Just your typical American family.

The new season of Dancing with the Stars debuted last night and there is still controversy swirling over the inclusion of Chaz.

Dr. Keith Ablow, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, is still trying to tell parents not to let their kids watch Bono on the show since it might influence them to question their own gender identity.

This is odd, because there are rumors that Dr. Ablow himself wants to get a sex change operation.  “He always thinks of himself as Krissy, not Keith,” said a friend close to Ablow’s plumber.  “He often says he wants to leave Tufts and become a ballerina.”

Chaz Bono’s performance on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars surprised judges, Bono, 42, admitted to PEOPLE he was “interested to hear what Cher thought because she thought I was not going to be able to do this.”  And what did Mama think?  She loved it!

In a video montage entitled Dancing with the Stars: Meet Season 13’s Competitors, Bono said “My family hasn’t seen this side of me before.”  And soon they’re going to see another side of him, too.  The pregnant side.

“I was nervous going into it, but I was also excited,” Bono says. “I think it went pretty well. There were certain little things that I messed up or didn’t do, but it was good and it was fun. I had a good time doing it.”

Chaz wowed the studio audience at DWTS.   Multiple standing ovations. Las Vegas oddsmakers say that Bono is 3:1 favorite to win this year’s competition.    Odds are 50:1 that he has the baby before the competition ends.

Place your bets…  Is he showing?