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SAN FRANCISCO –  Aliens were seen driving the electric cars at a  NASA base.   The aliens seemed to approve of the design and speed of the cars.

There’s been another sighting of aliens at at  NASA Ames base at Moffett Field, which is South of San Francisco.  KleenSpeed, an electric car company was testing its latest award-winning vehicles, when several aliens ran onto the track and seized control of the cars and raced them around the track.

KleenSpeed President and Founder, Timothy Collins, was the first to spot the alien, who NASA has confirmed was from Planet Zeeba.  “The first one just hopped into our race car, EV-X11, and took off.”  said Collins.  “A lot of our staff was frightened and  ran away.   I couldn’t believe how fast our CFO, William McCrone could run!  But I stayed and watched the alien.  Man, he handled that car pretty damn well.”

NASA observers say the alien looked like a professional race driver on the course and he got the KleenSpeed EV-X11 up to 180 mph – a lap record.  The EV-X11 has already set speedyway records in this country.  READ ABOUT IT HERE

The KleenSpeed team returned to the track and watched Tim Collins race the Zeeban driver.  It was a close race, with Collins almost running the alien off the course, but the Zeeban prevailed.

NASA sent over an E.T. Intepreter to speak to the Zeeban driver.  The alien said that he thought the KleenSpeed race car was impressive, and handled better than any Formula One car he had ever driven.   The alien was also very impressed with KleenSpeed’s “Eiata.”  The Eiata is a 1990 Mazda Miata converted with KleenSpeed’s EPS Integrated Lite 115 volt System.

“All Americans should drive the Eiata.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to take over the planet if you started taking better care of the environment.”

The alien, and his friends, then disappeared from the track, but not before promising to bring Collins, and his EV-X11 to Planet Zeeba.  “I hope to make a trip to Planet Zeeba by the end of the year,” Collins said.

Here’s Collins talking about KleenSpeed: