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LONDON – Casey Anthony was spotted placing flowers at the shrine outside Amy Winhouse’s Camden flat.

Amy Winehouse fans were outraged to see Casey Anthony at the shrine that was built outside Winehouse’s Camden apartment.

“What is she doing here?!” yelled Fiona Marshton.  “She is insulting the memory of Amy.  Go back to jail! Get out of London!”

Twitter and Facebook blew-up with Amy Winehouse fans around-the-world expressing their disgust that Casey would show up at Amy’s shrine.

Casey Anthony, however, was undaunted.  She placed three dozen roses and a candle with a note that said, “Love always, Casey” on the sidewalk.

Sources close to Casey Anthony say that Amy Winehouse was Casey’s favorite artist and she felt that Amy was her “kindred” spirit.

Here’s Casey in London last night:

The crowd outside Winehouse’s apartment became very angry and started closing in on Anthony.  London police officers had to move in to protect the recently acquitted mother of Caylee Anthony.  Casey Anthony was then whisked away in a limousine.

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, was also in London.  He said he was with Casey trying to set up her international foundation for lost children.  “Amy wants to make sure that what happened to Caylee doesn’t happen to any other children – around the world.”

Baez said that he was going to give up his career as an attorney and focus the rest of his life on “making sure Casey is safe and sound.”

Casey Anthony has been busy working on her book.  READ THE WWN STORY ABOUT CASEY’S BOOK DEAL.

Don’t bet on any fans of Amy Winehouse’s purchasing Amy’s book.