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A intrepid group of adventurers are on a mission in Montana. The target:  dinosaurs.

WWN reader James Robinson is leading a group of brave souls into the wilds of Montana to find Dinosaurs.

WWN can confirm there have been a number of recent reports of many dinosaur bones found in Montana – and some of the bones are only a few years old!

He writes:

“I am leading a group of 6 very brave men into the wilds of Montana (well at least a 30,000 acre ranch in the southwestern part of the state) with 2 paleontologists from Montana State University in search of dinosaurs. The ranch dates to the cretaceous period, 65 million years ago, and the end of the Dinosaur era.

Paleontolgists consider Montana a site of a “gold rush” in dinosaur research and many feel that they may actually find present-day dinosaurs roaming the Montana landscape.

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