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ORLAND, FL –  Tiger Woods quickly replaced his caddy.  He hired former mistress – Jamie Jungers.

Tiger Woods felt it was necessary to dump his loyal and faithful caddy, Stevie Williams, who was employed by Tiger for 13 years.  He thought he would play a better game with a new caddy and he has selected Jamie Jungers, his former mistress, to replace Williams.

Jamie Jungers (born in 1984) was formerly a Las Vegas casino girl/blackjack dealer and one of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses. She won a “Mistress Beauty Pageant” on the Howard Stern radio show– where she competed against some of the pro golfer’s other mistresses– to win the $75 thousand prize.

Jungers said that she is “perfect” for the job of Caddy.  “I know how he likes to hit the ball, and I know what kind of clubs he likes to use.”  She went on to say that she helps bring down his “strokes” and can help get him back to the “top of his game.”

Here’s Jamie warming up for a day on the links with Tiger:

Meanwhile Williams is very unhappy with his breakup from Tiger.

Williams fired back at Woods. On his personal web site, after weeks of denying firing rumors that had popped up on other Web sites and on Australian television, Williams confirmed that Woods had let him go after the AT&T National tournament three weeks ago at Aronimink.

Then he wrote: “After 13 years of loyal service needless to say this came as a shock. Given the circumstances of the past 18 months working through Tiger’s scandal, a new coach and with it a major swing change and Tiger battling through injuries I am very disappointed to end our very successful partnership at this time.”

Williams had no comment about Jungers taking his place, but he did say that there would be “a lot” of details about Tiger and his mistresses in Williams upcoming tell-all book.