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LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown’s neighbors hate his guts.  He couldn’t take it anymore, so he started shooting.

Chris Brown’s neighbors complained to the building manager about noise, parking violations and a mysterious case of elevator vandalism ever since Chris Brown moved in a few months ago.  They complained and complained, but Chris Brown wouldn’t alter his behavior.

The neighbors also complained of loud music.  Apparently, Chris Brown loves to listen to Broadway show tunes at a VERY loud volume.

One day his neighbors smashed his Original Cast Recording of “Cats” and Chris Brown went up into his room to get his bazooka.  He couldn’t find his bazooka, but he did find his Uzi.   He went outside, ate some marshmallows and started shooting.

Luckily, he didn’t hit anyone, but boy were the neighbors scared.

Brown also FIRED on his Twitter page — saying HE is the real victim. “My neighbor carves my name in our elevator to incriminate me so it looks like I’m a reckless 22 your old.  Just because I was shooting an Uzi doesn’t mean I’m not a nice guy.”

TMZ had photos showing Brown parking in his neighbors handicapped spaces. Brown explained, “My parking spaces in my building that were assigned to me when I [bought] this crib are painted over with handicap and no Parking signs.”

He added, “A person should be able to live in his or her own company of their house! I’m barely home so these stories and accusations are so childish!”

Brown then fired his Uzi at WWN photographer Boy Mack.

The building manager says everyone is fed up with Chris Brown and they’re now planning on towing Chris’ cars if he dares park there again.

And they are firing back – they’ve all bought Uzis!