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NEW YORK –  Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into the cellphones of top reporters at WWN!

Reporters and private investigators working for Britain’s News of the World hacked into the cell phones, emails and alarm clocks of Weekly World News reporters, editors and…  Bat Boy!

News of The World immediately responded to the findings saying,  “We just got confused.  News of the World is very similar to Weekly World News.  We were trying to hack into ourselves, but things went awry.”

Bat Boy was livid and has headed to London.  He vows to get every one of the reporters that hacked into his cellphone.

Scotland Yard is investigating.  WWN reporters Garrett Hawley, J.B. Smitts and Elsa Akesson all were hacked into.  Hawley said, “I feel like I’ve been violated.  They’ve published details of my relationship with Jennifer Aniston.  It’s horrifying.”

The News of the World‘s private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, possessed the PIN codes for all WWN editors as well.  Frank Lake was targeted by Mulcaire.  “They were trying to get revenge on us because we refused to sell WWN to Murdoch.  WWN has much more integrity than any of Murdoch’s papers,” said Lake.

The New York Times has joined forces with WWN to strike back at he News of the World.  Bill Keller, Editor of The New York Times, said “The WWN has been one of the premier newspapers in America for over forty years.  It’s outrageous what Murdoch and his minions has done to their editors and reporters.  We stand strong behind Bat Boy!”

Prince Harry and Prince William, who learned that News of the World hacked into Princess Di’s cellphone, are also joining forces with WWN to take on Murdoch.  “Our mum loved Bat Boy.  This barbaric activity will not stand.”   Some of the transcripts released by investigators actually reveal Princess Di in conversations with Bat Boy.

Thanks to The New York Times, a stone has been lifted on a whole squirming zoo of low life in the News of the Screws.

Communications expert John Nelson of Crew Green Consulting Ltd. in Shrewsbury analyzed the WWN tapes and independently confirmed that they were recorded by News of the World investigators.

WWN’s publisher, Neil McGinnis, is aggressively pursuing action against Murdoch.  Stay tuned..