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NEW YORK – Casey Anthony and her family inked a deal with MTV for a reality series entitled “Not Guilty: Life After the Truth.”

After considering pitches from two major networks and one cable network, the Anthony family decided to go forward with MTV’s offer.

Casey Anthony wanted to make sure that the show serviced her target audience, which she sees as “people like me.” Her parents, along with her brother, let her make the final decision after a family meeting last night.

George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, explained, “Casey has a good sense when it comes to people. We trust her judgment. Of course, we gave her our opinions and let her know how we feel. But ultimately, the show will be about Casey, her recovery and her new life.”

The show will likely begin taping after Casey Anthony is released from prison. MTV News will have reporters at the Orlando courthouse where she is due to be sentenced tomorrow. She has promised the music network her first post-decision interview.