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FARGO, N.D.  — A scientist from Oregon has proven that the earth is indeed flat.

To support his belief that world is flat, the Oregon man has given the Library of Congress a  gift: a 120-year-old map supporting his theory that the Earth is flat.

Dan Pormouth, of Salem, Ore., says the map was given to him by his eighth-grade teacher. It was created by Orlando Ferguson of Hot Springs, S.D.

Pormouth used to live in Fargo and was a North Dakota state senator.  He has been working on disproving the “theory” (as he calls it) that the world is round.

“For over two centuries scientists have been telling citizens of the world that the earth is round.  It is not.  It is flat and I have the scientific proof,” Pormouth said.  When asked about the numerous pictures of earth taken from outer space, Pormouth says, “they were all taken AFTER photography was at an advanced level, they were all manipulated. The earth is flat!”

Pormouth also submitted this map as further proof of his “flat earth” theory:

Pormouth dismissed claims by pilots and aerospace engineers, many of whom have flown “around” the earth.  “They are all in on the plot.  We you fly around the world you are flying around a rectangle, not a circle!”

Library of Congress spokesman Jake Morris told The Forum newspaper that officials checked more than 75 maps before confirming the design was one-of-a-kind.  Morris told WWN that he also believe the world is flat.

Pormouth said that in the next three months he will be producing “conclusive” evidence that the earth is flat.  “It’s going to turn this world upside down.”