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MIAMI – Mark Cuban and the Mavs partied so hard in South Beach – there was no alcohol, cocaine or prostitutes left!

Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and other Dallas Mavericks went to Club Liv in South Beach following their win to celebrate.  They brought the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy as their plus 1. The Twitter world was immediately lit up with images of the celebration.

Lil’ Wayne joined the Mavs to get the party started.

The Dallas Mavericks loved rubbing salt in the Heat’s wounds after winning the NBA Finals.  And they had plenty of salt on hand when they were doing tequila shots off the bellies of South Beach hookers!

The Mavs bought five hundred bottles of Ace of Spades and smashed several fake statues of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch.

After they did about ten eight-balls of cocaine, the Mavs sat down and watched LeBron James on YouTube  – when he promised 8 championships for the Miami Heat.

Mark Cuban led the celebration by introducing the 1,000 prostitutes he hired for the evening.

Mark Cuban said that no professional sports team had ever partied in an opponents’ hometown like the Mavs did.

Miami Heat fans were not happy that the celebration was taking place in their city.  They vowed to “get revenge.”

Meanwhile, the Mavs are STILL partying in Miami.

Here’s the Miami Heat stars promising multiple NBA championships last year: