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MIAMI – Miami Heat fans buying up voodoo dolls by the thousands to curse the Mavs.

They’re selling out like hot cakes. The owner of El Viejo Lazaro Botanica,  which sells all sorts of bizarre religious supplies, including voodoo dolls, says that most of his customers are buying his voodoo dolls to curse the Mavs.

Miami fans are gathering in groups and sticking as many pins into voodoo dolls, hoping that the Mavericks will suffer from the stings of the voodoo pins.  “We are going to all stick pins in our dolls when the game starts tonight,” said Willie James of Miami.  “Dirk is going down in the first quarter.  He’s going down!”

Miami fans are also buying an herbal bath product called “Paraiso,” as reported by TMZ. The shop owner said a user puts the herbs in a bath, gets in, and visualizes what he wants to happen, such as the Miami Heat winning.

If a lot of Miami fans were bathing with Paraiso for Game 4, their efforts apparently didn’t work. LeBron James scored only eight points in total for the whole game, as the Heat lost to the Mavericks 86-83.

According to the owner, you put the herbs in a bath, get in, then visualize what you want to happen — in this case, a Miami Heat victory.

But that won’t stop the Heat fans from cheering and — sticking pins in their Mav voodoo dolls!