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SPOKANE, WA – A  woman hiker stumbled across Bigfoot – and shot him for YouTube.

A woman hiker got the scare of her life after she went walking with a friend in Spokane, Washington, and stumbled across what she claims is Bigfoot.

Samantha, who has not revealed her surname, caught the footage in Downriver Park with her iPhone camera and posted the video on YouTube.

After capturing the mysterious creature, also known as a Sasquatch, on film, her YouTube video has become a hit and has already been viewed almost 8,000 times within four days.

And Professor of Theatre and Film Arts, Adam Sharp, said he has seen Bigfoot around their school grounds from time to time.

He said laughing: ‘We do get messages from him, from the faculty and staff. But he’s pretty elusive, he doesn’t like the spotlight a whole lot.’

Bigfoot is an ape-like cryptid that is said to inhabit forests mainly in the

Northwest regions of North America, but his existence has not been scientifically proven.
Watch the video of the alleged Bigfoot below: