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NEW YORK — The Bio Channel is giving Bristol Palin a reality series – centered on her recent marriage to two men.

The network said Monday that Palin will star in a 10-episode series. She is the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and a former contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The new series will follow her move from Alaska to Los Angeles with her son, Tripp, to work at a small charity.

It will also follow her new lifestyle.  She recently married two men, Kyle and Christopher Massey – in a private ceremony in Utah.  The reality show will follow their new life together – as the three young stars co-parent Tripp.

Bristol fell in love with Kyle Massey, a fellow “Dancing” contestant, during the show and after being introduced to Christopher, she fell in love with him.

Like Charlie Sheen, Bristol calls her two lovers – The Gods.

The 20-year-old Palin has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars as a spokeswoman working to prevent teen pregnancy, though she does encourage teens to “have as much sex as you can, because you never know, you may get a reality show someday.”

The as-yet-untitled series is slated to air in late 2011.  She’s ready to spread her wings!