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Weddings are fun … especially when they’re of the Royal kind!

Weekly World News and MagCloud by HP are helping you celebrate this glorious days with a glorious E-book. Get a behind the scenes look at the world’s most famous family. Get to know the Royal family – on a real intimate level – and find out how they got to where they are today.

This is a must have for any Weekly World News faithful and a definite must have for any Royal family fanatics out there. Get this wonderful E-book in an expertly crafted print version or – if you’re hip on technology – get the digital version to view on your trendy, high-tech gadget. Don’t delay and get yours today!!!

The Royals

Weekly World News Issue 1:

This exclusive insider’s guide to the Royals will tell Kate everything she needs to know about her new family. Not since the Magna Carta was found in Lenin’s Tomb has a work come along to shed such light on the mysterious world order of the British Royal Family.