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Here’s a handy list of five things to keep on the lookout for at the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding is only a few hours away and every one all over planet earth is waiting with bated breath to hear Kate and William say “I do” in their fancy British accents.

We here at WWN have decided that watching the wedding should not have to be a snore-fest so we have put together a list of the top five things to look for during the wedding, scavenger hunt style.

  1. Expressionless faces – Brits are known to have fewer muscles in their faces. This prevents them from smiling. That or it could just be the fact that they live under a grey cloud everyday of their lives. Either way, be sure to look out for blank expressionless stares coming from the crowd as the young couple confirms their nuptials.
  2. People with bad teeth – While you are watching two people get married that you do not know; why not make a tally of all the people who you see who have poor dental hygiene. You might find this hard due to the Brits inability to smile, but perhaps you can catch someone in the crowd yawning.
  3. Yards of beer – What would a proper English wedding be without beer? It is reported that the British government is allowing street venders to sell yards of beer to those who wish to watch the procession as it passes by. Don’t forget to mark your score card. If you can catch a beer induced brawl, that is a double score.
  4. Kate Middleton’s garter belt – Inside sources have informed WWN that although Kate will not be throwing her bouquet into the crowd, Prince William will be flinging her garter belt. You will probably only have a few seconds to catch this one, so stay sharp.
  5. Al Qaeda Jihadists – What would a world televised event be these days without the threat of a terrorist? It is unlikely that you will see any jihadists in the crowds considering the extreme security. But if you are lucky enough to spot one, then you should send your resume to Scotland Yard.

Make sure to keep a tally and report back with how many of each item you witnessed during this every important world event.

All sightings should be converted into points using the following point scale: Numbers 1 through 3 are worth 5 points per sighting, Number 4 is worth 300,000 points and Number 5 is worth 1,000,000 points.  The person with the most points wins. Good luck and don’t forget to set your alarms.