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LOS ANGELES – Sources inside the American Idol empire have confirmed – the show is rigged!

American Idol fans have long suspected something was amiss ever since Ruben Studdard lost, and now, with Pia Toscano being tossed off this year’s show,  the cat is out of the bag.

The most popular singers have not been winning. The voices of  voters across America have not been heard. WWN spoke to insiders at Diebold – the company that provides some of the hardware for the vote counting. They say that the RIAA are the real snake in the grass here. The whole point of the show is to sell records, and the executives of the record labels allegedly know better than the viewing public what they can sell. They run the show behind the scenes, and contracted with Diebold to tabulate the votes as they saw fit.

Also, AT&T, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of American Idol, repeatedly influences the outcome of the competition by providing free text-messaging services and allowing blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of certain contestants.

Representatives of AT&T, whose mobile phone network is the only one that can be used to cast American Idol votes via text message, have been involved with “Idol Fixing Scam” since they first signed on with the competition.  Since they give Idol producers a lot of money,  they have a LOT to say about who the winner will be.

Everyone who has watched the show has had this thought, ” Why won’t they reveal the number of votes everyone got?”  The reason:  it’s rigged!!

How else can you explain Pia Toscano, who was clearly one of the top singers in this year’s competition, getting tossed off?

It makes no sense, right?  Yeah, it does… the whole thing is rigged by the producers of American Idol in cahoots with Diebold and the record label.  Did you ever think it was fair?

But then again, some people in America tend to be ‘easily led’ or followers of sorts. So, if they publicized the actual number of votes, perhaps it would affect subsequent voting choices.

The history of American Idol is littered with voting irregularities. An independent audit was done of actual phone logs the nights of the shows. In season three, Latoya London had gotten the most calls each week, but Diebold machines declared her a loser in one of the late elimination rounds. Based on phone logs however, there is no way that Pia Toscana was not the most popular.  Season four also showed wide discrepancies between phone logs and official tallies. Carrie Underwood should have been voted off a considerable time before the finals, yet was ultimately declared the winner in spite of Bo Bice lighting up switchboards on a consistent basis.

WWN sought out comment from the first, and only confirmed legitimate winner of the contest, Kelly Clarkson. She said she was contractually banned from making any comment about the show.  But one can assume what she thinks. When she won a Grammy Award she did not even mention American Idol.

Some ousted season 8 American Idol top 36 semi-finalists–including Felicia Barton, Kendall Beard, and Ju’Not Joyne — have also repeatedly said that the show is rigged.  Ju’Not came right out and said that the TV talent show is in fact rigged, and that its contracts are unfair to contestants

“It’s a fixed thing if I ever saw one,” he boldly declared.

Ju’Not claimed he was cut from the competition, and not invited back for the Wild Card round (a shock to many viewers wowed by his memorable “Hey There Delilah” performance) because of his concerns regarding the fairness of the Idol contract.

“They pay for our lawyers to negotiate against their lawyer (which is BS),” he said. “They make us COLLECTIVELY choose the lawyer, then they act like it’s in our best interest. Craziest stuff I’ve ever seen. I have a son to feed. I HAD to ask questions and know what I was signing. Plus I write my own songs and I needed to know details…Some folks were like, ‘Just shut up and sign on the dotted line.’ I know better than that…I wasn’t complaining…I was asking basic legal questions. There’s a huge difference between the two.”

Can this season be saved? Or is another phony champion going to be pushed on America by Diebold and the RIAA? Perhaps the American people can still make a difference. Call Fox Television and let them know that you won’t stand for this. The very institution of reality television is at stake. Call them today!

“Idol” is averaging 25 million viewers a night, matching last year, according to the Los Angeles-based Fox, which has aired the show since its 2002 inception. The program has lost viewers since 2007.

Season 10 started in January with a 12 percent drop in viewers, Fox said at the time. Ratings didn’t begin to exceed the prior year’s episodes until Feb. 3, according to Nielsen data supplied by the network.  Since then, new judges Lopez and Tyler have grown more comfortable on air, and the contestants have drawn higher vote totals than last season, underscoring the larger audience and higher-quality contestants, Preston Beckman, executive vice president of strategic programming at Fox, said in an interview.

When Pia Toscano was voted off “Idol” on April 7, fans protested on Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. The day after, Toscano added 30,000 followers on Twitter and performed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Reaction will likely intensify as more contestants depart, Beckman said.

Do you believe it is rigged?