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The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, predicted in 1942 that World War III would begin in 2011!

Edgar Cayce foresaw apocalyptic  world events involving natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the Earth, wars, economic collapse, and sociopolitical unrest.  He predicted that World War III would begin in the summer of 2011 and would cause a major shift in political and economic powers on Earth.

Cayce said that these events could be averted if humanity changed its behavior – but in the 70 years since his prediction, mankind has not changed at all.   Thus, World War III is on the way, and it may signal the end of life on earth.


Cayce foresaw the third world war even before the end of the second world war.  He spoke of strife arising near the Davis Straits, and in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

Given the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the tensions in the Middle East right now, such a war could certainly be a certainty.   Cayce spoke specifically about a “wild dictator” that would lead to the fall of the Mideast and a global war that would “decimate humankind.”  He predicted that it would all happen in the Summer of 2011.

When asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an equitable international world currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war WW III had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen – it would be centuries before humans enjoy the freedoms and liberties that mankind experience in the 1930s and 1940s.


Cayce also often maintained that humanity would soon experience a “day of reckoning.” He predicted the year of the second coming of Jesus to be 2012.

A new field of science will be developed based on a psychic/spiritual phenomenon Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical,as measurable, as any other phase of human experience. Cayce did not specify a time frame, he specified a condition, placing as much research emphasis on the spiritual/occult phenomena as material causation. It would be nice to think that Cayce was referring to near-death research which would fit the description of the science he is referring to. Until we know more in the future, we will have to assume that this prediction is still pending.

In the meantime,  prepare for another world war – beginning this summer!