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TRIPOLI, Libya – Colonel Muammar-el Qaddafi has hired a fashion stylist to fit him for his “surrender” attire.

Colonel Qaddafi is getting ready to make his “surrender speech” to the world.  It will no doubt be broadcast on news web sites and television news channels across the world.

So, Colonel Qaddafi has decided it is time to re-vamp his look.

Rumors have been circulating among Tripoli correspondents that Qaddafi felt he looked dated and worn.

 An American journalist based in Tunisia explained, “The guy’s been in power for like forty years. It’s time for a fresh coat of paint.”

“He sees pictures of Sarkozy and Obama. He wants to capture that swagger, that finesse. He doesn’t want to be the awkward guy from the desert,” the reporter, who asked to remain anonymous, continued.

After meeting with Rachel Zoe via Skype, the Libyan ruler has FedEx-ed a one-year contract to the stylist’s manager in Los Angeles.

Zoe is not ready to comment, according to her publicist, but has started work on some sketches for a collection of resort wear for the Libyan leader.