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KENSINGTON, ENGLAND –  A pack of feral cats is terrorizing a neighborhood.  Fifteen people have been killed by the cats!

The town of Kennington, England is in a state of utter panic.  They are being terrorized by a pack of  feral cat who attack whenever citizens step into their backyards.  Citizens have stopped going into their backyard gardens, and worry every time they step out their doors.

“They’re everywhere.  When I look out my kitchen window, I see them pacing.  They’re just waiting for me to walk outside, so they can kill me,” said Ian Blackmon.

In the last week, the cats have killed fifteen residents.  The feral cats usually attack one person together.  They claw the person, then bite the person in the neck – killing him instantly.

Even though guns are illegal in Kensington,  many citizens are arming themselves. “We are under attack, we have to fight back somehow,” said Lilly Waters.   Her husband Liam, bought a shotgun and has been in the backyard waiting to “blow away” the cats.

One citizen, Patti Taylor escaped and is in a local hospital in a cat coma.  She has three-inch deep wounds on her legs, arms and head.

The cat are all different types.  The one trait they have in common – they are nasty and vicious.  Dogs are afraid of them too, but the cats have not attacked them – yet.