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AUSTIN, TX –  Supermodel Brooklyn Decker has gone missing and authorities suspect Irina Shayk is involved.

Brooklyn Decker, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, hosted a party for her fellow supermodels at her Austin home on Thursday.  This morning, authorities have confirmed that she is missing.

Irina Shayk, the Russian supermodel – and woman just voted Most Beautiful Woman in the world – is a suspect in the disappearance.

WWN recently broke the news that Irina Shayk is a Russian Spy, working with Anna Chapman.

Andy Roddick, Brooklyn’s husband, has appealed to the Obama Administration and to Vladmir Putin directly to help him get his wife back.   The Obama Administration has declined to comment, but sources inside the White House have said, “The President doesn’t like Roddick or tennis.   He’s focused more on Tiger.”

Why would Irina want to kidnap Brooklyn?

WWN has contacts inside the KGB and they told us that Irina is trying to recruit all the supermodels in the world to become Russian spies.  The plan was actually hatched by Vladmir Putin, who figured that  supermodels were the key to obtaining secrets from foreign governments.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister who is obsessed with sex and models – has joined Putin in the plan to build a supermodel spy network.

Irina Shayk has not been located either.

If any WWN readers see Irina Shayk or Brooklyn Decker – please notify authorities immediately.