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Satan Trading for Souls on Craigslist

BROOKLYN, NY – Using the popular website Craigslist, the Devil has started trading human souls for basic goods and services.

“This is so much easier,” said the Devil. “No haggling, no violin lessons, I don’t even have to leave my living room.”

Items the Devil has traded for souls include: an old couch, workout equipment, a slightly used bean bag chair, a Corona Light foosball table, tickets to a Nine Inch Nails concert, an advanced copy of SPORE, and a microwave.

To obtain your immortal soul the Prince of Darkness will even do menial labor. So far he has done gardening work, helped people move, and gave one man a ride to Boston.

“That was kind of annoying, ‘cause we had to make small talk for a couple hours. I probably won’t be doing that again.”