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DALLAS, TX – A Weekly World News Exclusive Super Bowl Update!

Another ‘wardrobe malfunction’ occurred during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show!

The incident in question took place during the Black Eyed Peas’ halftime performance of their song “I Gotta Feeling.” In the middle of the song, band member Taboo squatted down and pointed out into the crowd. According to eyewitness accounts, as Taboo crouched into his unassuming stance and reached the lyrics “tonight’s gonna be a good night,” his pants came apart at the seams, revealing his diminutive genitalia, partially covered by a bedazzled piece of jewelry.

The incident went largely unnoticed by fans in the stadium and network cameras, likely due to the fact that Taboo’s genitals were too small to be seen by the naked eye.

But closer analysis of the video footage does indeed confirm that a “wardrobe malfunction” took place. Weekly World News photographer Boy Mack was on hand to snag a photo of the microscopic mishap.

Take a look for yourself:

So far FOX officials have yet to comment on the controversial incident. But if this year’s wardrobe malfunction follows in the footsteps of Janet Jackson’s nipple slip during the 2004 Super Bowl, then the FOX Broadcasting Company is looking at fines upwards of $550,000 from the FCC.