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BEIJING, China – Man harnesses the power of invisibility.

After reviewing Invisibility & Levitation: How-To Keys To Personal Performance by Commander X, I was contacted by Abelard Productions Publishing professing their deepest gratitude for the glowing review of their 1998 publication.

I was informed that since the review, the book has gone into a thirteenth edition in order to keep up with the demand. They also informed me of testimonial from one of their readers that is their greatest success story of all time.

Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, has not yet conquered the art of levitation but has mastered the art of invisibility. Through his efforts, he has been able to take the art of invisibility to a higher cultural plain and become commercially profitable as well. Due to his discoveries from reading Invisibility & Levitation, which he purchased back in ’98, Bolin has been able to blend into any environment that surrounds him earning him the nickname of “The Human Chameleon.”

“It is well known that chapter three, Invisibility and the Art of Unvulnerability, really made an impact on Bolin and was a monumentous turning point for him and his work,” explained noted art historian, Samantha Downington.

Since his epiphany of sorts, Bolin has begun documenting his uncanny ability to blend into environments. He and a team of assistants travel to various locations throughout the world where he is photographed form various angles as he becomes one with his surroundings. He then meticulously chooses from the images sending them to various galleries throughout the world to sell.

Since he began working in the medium of invisibility and photography, Bolin has had exhibitions with many art venues throughout the world. His work can be found in galleries in New York City, Milan, Paris, and Beijing. His works have sold at auction for as much as $50,000. Bolin is quickly becoming the next hot commodity in the art world so if you can afford them, run out and buy one before they disappear.