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Valentine’s Day is slowly creeping up … Weekly World News has you covered!

Do you want to be a follower or a leader on Valentine’s Day? Chances are you’re going to say a leader. Flowers and Chocolates have been done already … and chances are that you’ve done them every year. Sooooooo overrated!

Why not be a leader and lead a charge of new and unique gifts?! What better way to show your loved one that you care about them than with a one-of-a-kind Junior Bat Boy Plush Doll. Straight from our friends overseas in Japan, this collector’s doll is rare, unique and extremely hard to find. We’ve pulled a few strings and have brought it over just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Can you picture the joy and happiness on the face of your special someone when they open their gift and see Bat Boy? Well we can and it’s pretty amazing. Definitely a Kodak moment!

So don’t be a follower this year! Be a leader and order your Junior Bat Boy Plush Doll today! These are sure to be flying off the shelves.