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NEW YORK – Fans of Broadway musicals are taking it to the extreme.

Everyone enjoys an evening at the theater from time to time but some thespian lovers just cannot get enough. There is a rising trend in repeat buyers for Broadway musicals and off-Broadway musicals.

However, sometimes this obsession can be a problem for those that allow the magic of the theater to enchant them. Susan Williams has seen thousands of musicals in the last year but only three different plays constitute her personal playbill:   Wicked, 897 times; The Addams Family, 945 times; and American Idiot, 1,999 times.

“I just love seeing all those fancy costumes and sparkling lights, I just love it. I did community theater when I was a kid, so I can totally relate to the actors. I’m friends with most of them too,” said Williams as she waited outside of the St. James Theater in her Jordache jeans and bedazzled denim jacket that reads “I’m an American Idiot”.  This will be Williams’ 2,000 time viewing American Idiot, a milestone for the theater junkie as it is now her most viewed theatrical production ever.

It was discovered shortly after the interview that none of the actors in any of the three productions were actually not friends with Williams and, in fact, many of them had placed restraining orders against her.

And although Williams is high up on the list of repeat buyers, she does not have the number one position. That #1 title belongs to Joseph Smith. Mr. Smith has seen Bat Boy the Musical over 4,769 times. Interestingly enough, that is the only play that he has ever seen in his entire life.

“I grew up reading the Weekly World News. I own every issue that was ever printed and have read every post on the website. I’ve never really been a fan of the theater but when I found out about the play, it was a no brainer. I had to see it. I have even been traveling to see the show when out it’s performed outside of NYC. I just recently saw the show in Milwaukee, it was awesome!”

Joseph, we have a Bat Boy Bobble head in the mail for you to show our appreciation for your dedication to the company. However, we recommend that you look into hiring a security detail for a while. We hear the Susan Williams is hungry for the #1 title and has been known to do whatever it takes to get whatever she wants, just ask the cast of Wicked.