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HOLLYWOOD – Rihanna had a lesbian affair with model, Natasha “Tajah” Burton.

A young Hollywood model named Natasha “Tajah” Burton has written  a tell-all book and in it, she describes in detail her lesbian relationship with Rihanna.

WWN was skeptical at first, but we have confirmed that Rihanna did, in fact, have a lesbian relationship with Tajah.

In an interview with Radar Online, Burton again refused to name names, but credited the mystery woman with inspiring her to write her memoir.

“Rihanna one of the reasons I started writing my book – she was that voice, that light into my life,” Burton said, adding that she wants to become a role model for homosexual youths of color. “Young black gays don’t have any positive role models to look up to. White kids have Ellen and Rosie O’Donnell, but black kids don’t have anyone. There is still so much homophobia in the African American community, and it is beyond tough to come out – when I did I was called all manner of names, I had guys throwing condoms at me in the street, I was called fa***t, carpet muncher, I was told I was going to hell.”

According to Burton, her book will also detail her relationships with “a very well known actress, a lot older, who also worked as a model” and a “well known female reality TV star.” A Low Down Dirty Shame is due for release in March.

Here’s a “Rihanna” excerpt from Natasha’s book (provided by

Rihanna hasn’t commented on the relationship, but her ex-lover Chris Brown has, “What the f*&k?!  She is not a lesbian. I should know.  And if she was a lesbian, than I would have had a threesome, but I didn’t have threesome, so she can’t be a lesbian.  And I’m not gay, either!”

Rihanna wrote this song for her lesbian lover, Natasha: