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NEW YORK –  There’s a massive Rat Attack in NYC.  Subway riders are being attacked on every train!

Rats are multiplying faster than the available food sources in New York City.  There are just too many rats and too little garbage, restaurant leftovers and apartment foodstuffs to satisfy the needs of the millions of rats living in the five boroughs.

Rats typically don’t bother humans – they are focused on food.  But in the last few weeks, rats have been attacking New Yorkers at an alarming rate.

There have 3,100 new rat infestations reported in the Bronx, alone, since the beginning of this year.  And there are numerous reports of New Yorkers being bitten – chewed on by the rats.  Three people in Staten Island had their ears chewed off.

“Rats are clearly on the attack now.  It’s like they want to take over the city,” said Ronald Weckel, an assistant commissioner in the city’s department of health.  “I’m not sure there’s anything we can do to stop them.”

Mayor Bloomberg has denied the reports that rats are attacking humans in New York City.  “There is nothing out of the ordinary about the rats in New York.  We have lived with rats since the city was founded and they pose no immediate risk.”

“There’s a massive city cover-up going on,” said Professor Robert Dachille, of NYU.  He’s an expert in urban rodent behavior and a part-time exterminator.  “The attacks are only going to get worse.  I advise  all NYC residents to carry Rat Repellent on them at all times. You never know when one will jump up and try to eat your face.”

The species of rat living in New York City is the Rattus norvegicus, also known as the Norway rat or the brown rat.   Some speculate that the reason they are reproducing so rapidly is because of wasteful food habits of New Yorkers and because of budget cutbacks – 2,000 rat exterminators were laid off earlier this year.

And now the biggest problem is that rats are attacking passengers on New York subways.  Five people died last week  (though not reported by the City government) after being mauled by a pack of rats on the L Train.

Complaints are flooding into City Hall about the Rat Attacks, but still there has been no official city acknowledgment of this outbreak.

But now a video went viral yesterday.  It shows a rat attacking a passenger, but the lucky man was Rat Attack survivor.  Apparently, the rats know that they are being filmed and avoid cameras at all cost.

Check the video… and be careful on the subways!