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HOLLYWOOD – Justin Bieber to play a transgender runaway who is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

CBS announced today that Justin Bieber will be returning as a guest start on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Bieber made his acting debut on the show last fall portraying, Jason McCann, a troubled teen whose brother was killed by the CSI forensic team.

However, this time The Biebs has decided to expand his range by portraying a transgender runaway that gets caught in the middle of a mob organized murder. Bieber’s character, Josefina, inadvertently witnesses a murder while working his, or is it her, corner and the CSI team needs him/her as a key witness.

As luck always seems to have it, WWN ace photographer Boy Mack happened upon the set that day and was able to catch this photo of The Biebs in hair and makeup.

Will Josefina have to go into a witness relocation program after the trail? Will the CSI team help him her find her way off the mean streets? Will Justin decide that he likes dressing in women’s clothes and continue to do so in real life? Find on the new episode titled “Targets of Obsession” which airs Thursday, February 19th at 9pm on CBS

The Biebs is currently nominated for two Grammy awards, including Best New Artist, which will also air on CBS, Feb. 13. But something tells me that there is an Emmy in this young superstar’s future.