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DINGLE, Ire. – After years of extensive searching, the lost city of Atlantis has been found – on Google Maps!

The reports are in from officials at Google Maps. They say the computer-based cartography system, which provides high-resolution satellite images for geographic locations around the world, beamed hundreds of photos from the lost city of Atlantic back to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The image clearly shows a glittering mythological palace floating atop the Atlantic Ocean. See for yourself:


“The photo taken by Google Maps is most definitely the Lost City of Atlantis,” said Yale Mythologist Anthony Braxwell. “It displays all the trademark characteristics of the legendary metropolis. A shimmering castle, glistening drawbridges made of gold, crystal spires – yep, it’s all there.”

“I’m just surprised it took so long to find,” added Braxwell.

According to sources, the Google Maps satellite was performing a routine scan of the Atlantic Ocean when it came across the strange, previously uncharted Kingdom of Atlantis.

The satellite images, which have been proven accurate to within 1/100th of a millimeter, show the island of Atlantis sitting just 10 miles southwest of Dingle, Ireland, a small township with a population of 300.

“I’ve lived here for 75 years,” said Brian MacElhose, a farmer and lifelong resident of Dingle, “and never noticed that gigantic city floating out there in the ocean. How could I have missed it? Oh well, I guess that’s what Google Maps is for.”

Experts in the fields of geography and history say the recent discovery of Atlantis will have a “monumental effect on the future of mankind.”

“This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most important discovery of the last millennium,” said Braxwell.

Word has yet to be released concerning the population or demographics of Atlantis. Some authorities speculate that the city is probably barren, while others estimate its population to be somewhere around 10,000.

Either way, international diplomats are foaming at the mouth for a chance to colonize the mythological island. England, Iraq, Russia, Greece, and the United States have all expressed interest in claiming Atlantis as a territory.