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LOS ANGELES – David Duchovny wants to make a third X-Files movie and wants to take it in a new direction. The X-Files is going gay!

After making statements last year revealing that he would “go gay” for Woody Allen or any of the stars of Twilight, Duchovny has pitched his idea to X-Files director Chris Carter and co-star Gillian Anderson.

Duchovny wants to continue the basic story structure of the television series and previous films, but spice it up a bit. “It needs to move forward, get current, and get gay! Forget sci-fi! It’s all about bi-fi, baby!”

“All the decent television these days is centered on controversial situations. Weeds? Big Love? Even Californication. Agent Fox Mulder is smart and fresh. He stays on top of things. It makes perfect sense. Not to mention, his name is Fox. He’s practically begging for controversy!”

Duchovny continued, “You know, the last time around the X-Files film didn’t do very well in theaters. I love this franchise and I’ve given our next move a lot of thought. We all know my history, so it should come as no surprise. I’d like to sex things up!”

Duchovny was quick to deflect questions about how this new spin on the X-Files story would play out. “I don’t want to get into specifics just yet. Let’s just say that there is a new sheriff in town, and his pants are tight and his gun is cocked.”

It is still unclear at this time how the change would affect Gillian Anderson’s character, Agent Dana Scully. Rumors circulated during the airing of the original series that Scully may have gay tendencies, but she never openly explored any lesbian relationships. According to Duchovny, Agent Scully is due for a little experimentation.