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RUSSIA – Baby-Swinging Yoga is growing in popularity in Russia.

The video below shows a Russian woman – Lena Fokina – doing yoga with a squirming baby.  She uses “dynamic exercises” that involve swinging it by its arms and ankles, upside down and over her head.

Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina is the biggest trend in Russia today and will soon be coming to the United States.

Lena was inspired by this man:

Russians have for centuries felt that swinging babies around helps develop them into “tough, strong” individuals.

Russians will typically swing their babies until they reach age 2 – then they will begin the Tossing Toddler phase.  Toddlers are often tossed 10-15 fifteen in order to “toughen them up.”  Afterward, the toddlers are given a shot of vodka.

Vladmir Putin has often said that if he wasn’t swung as a baby, he might not be as gifted and brilliant as he is now.  “My mother swung me every day, and that has made all the difference,” said Putin.

As per usual the Yoga enthusiasts in the United States want to “kick it up a notch” so they are introducing Bikram Swinging Baby Yoga or Hot Swinging Baby Yoga.  The mother will take her baby into a yoga room set to 120 degrees fahrenheit and then… the swinging begins.

Here’s the Baby-Swinging video.  Check it.  It IS real.