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COLUMBUS, OH – Ted Williams, a homeless man from Cleveland with a golden radio voice, was hired by the Today Show!

“I put Ted William’s video on the web, thinking nothing of it,” said Rich Y., the amateur journalist who filmed the YouTube video. “Next thing I know, a producer from NBC called me up and asked for the guy’s information. They said they wanted to hire him!”

NBC has been looking for a new host for the Today Show since 2006, when they mistakenly hired Meredith Vieira to replace Katie Couric.

“Ted Williams will make a perfect addition to the show,” said Mark Woolf, a Today Show producer. “He has the best broadcasting voice I’ve heard in a long time. He and Matt Lauer will be great together.”

The YouTube video shows Williams at a street corner, showcasing his golden pipes. In the video, Williams says that he used to have a career in radio, but fell on hard times when alcohol and drugs entered his life.

Anchors at the Today Show are excited for the new addition.

“I’ve seen the video and I think he’s amazing,” said current host Matt Lauer. “I would pay to listen to this guy read from the phone book. He’s that good.”

However, some media watchdog organizations say that William’s could be a negative influence on Today Show viewers.

“We can’t just put a drug addict on TV because he has a nice voice,” said Susan Brandhouse, founder of Good Clean TV, a religious media-rights group. “Young viewers will get the wrong impression. When they see this guy on TV, they’ll think it’s okay to screw up in life because they can always get a second chance in show business.”

But Williams doesn’t worry about his outspoken critics. He’s just thankful to have a second chance at a life he “threw in the garbage” ten years ago.

“I’ve been clean for two years,” said Williams. “I think it’s time I start to turn my life around. This job at the Today Show will be the perfect start.”

Here’s the video that’s making some serious waves on YouTube. Check out that baritone voice and let us know what you think: