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LOS ANGELES – Miley Cyrus was caught on video smoking bong hits in L.A..

TMZ released today a video shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. area home five days after her 18th birthday.

A source connected with Miley, the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

But sources have told WWN that Miley not only smoked salvia, she also smoked marijuana.  “Yes, she smoked salvia, but she also smoked about ten hits of Afghan Red, one of the most potent strands of pot in Los Angeles,” said a person  VERY close to Miley.

Here’s Miley high as a kite (thanks TMZ):

The video was shot by one of Miley’s friends —  and the theory is someone stole or copied the video from that friend’s camera.  But the “friend” actually just handed over the video to TMZ for a little “somethin’ somethin’…

Our source tells us that Miley was so high from the Afghan Red that she started singing Justin Beiber songs.  She sang Beiber’s hit “Pray” over and over again.  Luckily her friends were so stoned that they just phased it out.

Billy Ray Cyrus also joined in the fun.  He smoked a few hits of Afghan Red himself and then HE sang some Justin Beiber songs.

“They were all really, really stoned, man,” said our source.

To end the night, everyone at the party watched a few episodes of Hannah Montana.  “They were laughing for hours at the show.  They thought it was the funniest thing they’d every seen – that and their thumbs,” said our source.

Later, Miley found out that they weren’t watching Hannah Montana, they were watching iCarly.   Oh well… they were too high to care.

Here’s the link to TMZ for the video.  Remember, it’s not salvia: